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Negotiating Skills Workshops

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Our approach[spacer height=”default”]

All workshops are highly interactive, using a mix of formal presentations, case studies, role play exercises, self assessments, presentations and group discussions. We provide an opportunity for delegates to learn, develop and then practice the skills taught using a variety of hands-on exercises to get them involved in order to reinforce and build on the comprehensive course materials provided.

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[spacer height=”default”]The workshop will feature:

• When it is essential to enter into a negotiation and when not to
• The major terms which are used to outline the negotiation process
• Key areas to focus on preparing to build for a successful negotiation
• Tactics and employees which you may encounter during the negotiation
• Interpersonal dynamics around the negotiating table[spacer height=”default”]

      Negotation awareness


The highly skilled


[spacer height=”default”]The workshop will feature
• The popular terminology which is used in negotiation and dispute resolution
• Researching stakeholders to ensure that you are well informed before commencing negotiation
• Understanding personal and interpersonal skills and how to manage emotional intelligence during negotiations
• Preparing opening pitches based on convincing arguments to ensure success
• Exploring the interests which lie behind positions in negotiation[spacer height=”default”]

   Highly Skilled Negotiator


Negotiation skills


[spacer height=”default”]The ultimate development workshop programme for you to hone your negotiation edge[spacer height=”default”]Discover how to:
• Develop a deep understand of the key analysis of the negotiation process and how to influence others to get more of what you need and want • produce a range of highly effective negotiating skills and strategies that can be used in a range of situation
• Effectively analyse, plan and prepare for every negotiation
• Understand the benefits of controlling and reading body language when influencing others
• Become a more effective and confident negotiator
• Enhance your essential operational, management and leadership skill that will increase your performance on a daily basis[spacer height=”default”]

  Negotiation Boot-camp