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Negotiation skills

Most of us are engaged in some a form of negotiation on a daily basis and we manage to get by in life. So, it is reasonable to assume that we’re good at negotiating . However, when it comes to business the rules can be different and we may need to apply alternative techniques and adopt a different mindset in order to gain success from our dealings with others.

We currently offer 3 Negotiation skills workshops. Simply click on the title to download a full factsheet of the course content:

Essential Negotiation Skills

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Highly Effective Negotiation

Negotiation skills Boot-Camp


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Selling skills

Salespeople often are seen as natural, or having the ‘gift of the gab!’  However anyone can learn the secrets of selling.

With over 20 years experience in sales and sales management representing major print and packaging corporations and also operating as Sales Director for his own manufacturing company, Neil is on hand to deliver the following courses, or design a bespoke workshop for your team.

Essential Selling Skills

High-Achievement Selling

Sales Presentation Skills 

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Leadership & Management

Some say that leaders are born and some say that they learn their craft. We believe that fabulous leaders learn how to become fabulous!  We work with you to bring out your leadership qualities.

Leadership is about vision and engagement of people in equal measures, to make the vision become reality. 

Here are some of the course we offer:

Leadership Essentials

Expert Leadership

Management Essentials

More of our training courses are listed here

We specialise in all types of Negotiation Skills, whether it be negotiating contracts in sales or procurement, negotiating with teams to implement strategy or dealing with staff working relationships…….. we can prepare you for success!

Additionally the team at Enrich cover other subjects within  management training. Please select from the drop-downs by moving your cursor over the topics on the right.

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